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Indoor home made artificial tree design for venue

Handcrafted Tree Design

Our Handcrafted Tree Designs are great for:
- Child Care & Aged Care
- Restaurants and Cafés
- Office environments
- Libraries & council facilities
- Event management venues
- Lifestyle & leisure precincts
- Sheltered public spaces

Bring nature indoors, or make unimaginative environments interesting, with Plant Image

Our incredible Handcrafted Trees provide the ideal project solution, where nature may prove difficult to nurture, or where maintenance is an issue. We can ensure high quality of service, price and design.

Our indoor Handmade Trees are built using live trees which are then dried, stripped, and new artificial stalks and leaves are fitted onto the original trunk. This allows the handmade tree to last for a very long time without any need for water, sunlight or care. Just a quick wipe down is all that is needed to ensure the tree lasts forever.

Plant Image have successfully delivered Handmade Tree Design solutions Australia-wide for various project specifications.

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Hanging Baskets

Our hanging baskets are a perfect way to add a touch of greenery to overhead areas.

Our Hanging Baskets are completely customisable to suit your space. They are made in our showrooms by our floristry team and fitted by us. Sizing and plant options are all customisable and are made with the highest of quality UV-protected artificial plants.

To chat with our team about our Hanging Baskets, feel free to contact us today.

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Custom Signage

Our Custom Signage options are endless - Circular Frames, Custom Logo , Vertical Wall Mounted Frames to name just a few. If you're looking for a way to draw in your customer's attention, and give them a view they won't forget, then this is the perfect solution.

From running our company for over 30 years, we understand the importance of company branding, and custom signage and has been a marvel to so many companies.

If you're keen to have a chat with us about bringing your Custom Signage dreams to life, or just have a few questions, feel free to contact us through our Contact Now page. We look forward to discussing your ideas with you!

See more of our Custom Signage Projects:

Custom Signage

Vertical Wall and Fence Gardens

- UV Wall Tiles
- UV Plants
- Vertical Garden Square or Circular Panels
- Custom Frames

Our superb range of artificial Vertical Wall Gardens, UV Walls, UV Plants, Frames and Planter Boxes are suitable for almost all application areas and contemporary lifestyle projects.

UV treated, extremely lifelike, and easy to care for, our Evergreen Fences & Walls provide you with all of nature’s beauty, with none of the hassle.

Vertical Fences & Wall Gardens are designed to be easy to install, modular, of high quality and low cost of care, leading to improved sustainability and project spend.

Plant Image have delivered countless Indoor & Outdoor solutions Australia-wide for many various project specifications.

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Outdoor installation of UV treated vertical garden wall in home
Indoor pot plants in store

Indoor Plants & Potted Plants

- Hanging baskets
- Plants in pots
- Plants without pot
- Custom orders
- Custom signage

Our indoor artificial plants are extremely lifelike, easy to care for, and provide you with all of nature’s beauty, with none of the hassle.

As florists, we know how nature works. This means that over the years, we have perfected our craft.

Our Indoor Plants don’t wilt, they look perfect in almost all environments, are cost effective, and are extremely realistic – you literally have to look and feel to discover for yourself that these are artificial plants. Not what you would normally expect!

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Indoor Flowers & Floral Arrangements

- Indoor Flowers

- Floral Arrangements

- Dried/ Preserved Flowers

Our indoor floral arrangements and flowers are the perfect statement piece to homes and venues where maintenance costs and nature proves to be an issue. In areas where there is no sunlight, our floral arrangements are ideal, as little maintenance or care is required to ensure they are looking incredible for many years to come. They are gorgeous, oh-so realistic and extremely versatile, which means they will look great no matter where you place them.

Available in our two showrooms,
Or for a custom-made design feel free to contact our team!

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Artificial Floral Arrangement

Planters & Hanging Planters

Ideal for Domestic & Commercial application:

- Café and restaurant environments
- High traffic areas
- Terraces, decks & sidewalks
- Event management venues
- Custom signage

Planter Boxes, by Plant Image, are stunning to look at and come in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours.

Made from high quality, UV stabilised and recycled cypris.

Designed to last. Inspired by Nature.

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UV-Treated Vines

Our UV Treated Vines are so versatile and look great just about anywhere. They are UV-Treated which means they won't crack or fade in the sun.

Perfect for:

- Outdoor balconies

- Rooftop terraces

- Outdoor fencing

To chat to our team about our range of UV-treated vines, feel free to contact us.

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Pot walls installation

Pot Walls

Wall-mounted pot walls & stand-alone pot walls

Perfect for busy hospitality venues where space is a limitation. Our Pot walls can be mounted on to a wall or stand alone. They are a great way to implement privacy screens without sacrificing beauty, and can be used to split up larger rooms into smaller areas.

Perfect for:

- High traffic areas

- Hospitality venues

- Bare walls

- Large rooms needing split up areas

- For use as privacy screens


Rounds and UV-Treated Rounds

Our hand-crafted rounds are all fully customisable to suit your specific needs. Choose the artificial plants of your choice, the sizing of your rounds, and whether your rounds will be UV-Treated or not.

Perfect for:

- Bare walls and corridors

- Schools

- Hospitality Venues

- Residential Homes

- High traffic areas

Please contact our team regarding our Rounds. These are hand-made and fully customisable to suit your needs.

Tambour Units

Offices / Hospitality / Schools / Terraces / Decks / Side-walks

Our Tambour Units are a great way to add some nature into high-traffic areas such as offices or hospitality venues.

Our Tambour Units are fully customisable. Choose your size, artificial plant options and thickness of your plants.

Please contact our team regarding our Tambour Units.