Styling your Home with Artificial Plants

Styling your home with Artificial Plants

Indoor Artificial Plants are a fantastic way to give your home that much needed pick me up. They are so easily versatile, require next to no maintenance, and of course, look incredible! Styling them isn't rocket science, however following some of the tips of our experts here at Plant Image, we are sure your home will be looking fantastic in no time. 


Tip One

Ensure you buy the highest of quality artificial plants for your home. We know this can mean that they may come at a slightly higher price, but trust us, it's worth it. These artificial plants will be a long term investment, so why not go with the best? You can expect your high-quality plants to not only look incredibly realistic, but also not crack or fade overtime. You can expect your high-quality artificial plants to last many, many years. 



Tip Two

Our main rule of thumb is that your artificial plants should be the star of the show! Therefore, avoid crowding your plants with a bunch of accessories, but rather a few that will complement your indoor plant. Think candles, books, bowls, pots, or a piece of furniture such as a lounge chair or table. Also, don't forget to bend and fluff your artificial plants and flowers! To ensure they look as organic as possible, have some stems up straight, some flopping over the vase as well as pointing out the leaves in varying directions. 


Tip Three

After you've purchased your artificial plants, you don't need to restyle your entire home in order to fit them in! Plants have the magic to bring love back into a piece of furniture that you may not of loved before. For example, a boring bookshelf which you may have hated before, but add a couple of indoor plants, and that might just be the answer to bringing that bookshelf back to life. Plants can be wonderful in that sense. For bookshelves we would recommend one of our hanging potted plants. For coffee tables, try one of our faux floral arrangements or a small and large pot combo. Real plants have their limitations with styling, and one of them is that they can't be used in rooms that have limited sunlight or are in hard to reach areas. However, with artificial plants, you should use this to your benefit! Place your new plants in those hard to reach areas, or rooms which don't get much sunlight, without a worry about them dying or needing to water them! 


Tip Four

Just a little secret from us to you, indoor plants are seriously one of the only décor staples that will never go out of style. That's just another reason to invest in some quality artificial plants for your home. Do you have a stubborn corner in your home that looks too crowded with a piece of furniture but too bare with nothing? A pot plant is the perfect solution for that. 


Tip Five

Finally, make sure you look after them! While artificial plants and flowers are a dream for those people with busy lifestyles, they do need some occasional care. While they are known to need very frequent care and maintenance compared to real plants, a quick feather dust or wipe down with a damp cloth every 2-4 weeks will keep them looking perfect all year-round!