Child Care & Aged Care

Plant Image designs and delivers beautiful environments. One that spreads the value of positivity, care and gratitude.


Application Area

Child Care and Aged Care- We create installations that engage with your audience in a manner that stimulates the senses, creativity and wellbeing.

With our work, we can create a peaceful and mellow surrounding that helps to heal and function better in everyday life.

Why is it suitable for Child care and Aged care?

  • Adds personality and creativity.
  • Nurtures young, growing minds towards healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Children love and engage with nature, art and clever designs.
  • Delivers a psychologically supportive environment.
  • Makes maintenance uncomplicated and cost-effective.
  • Environments that are conducive towards delivering calm effects leads to improved productivity, engagement and wellbeing.
  • Great for difficult or unimaginative areas that require uplifting.

Designed to last. Inspired by Nature.


Client Project