Residential Installation

Residential Artificial Plant Installation

Everyone deserves a home they can be proud of. Our artificial plant, tree and flower features can bring life back into your home. 


Why is artificial planting suitable for Residential spaces?

Our Artificial Plants, Hand-crafted Trees, Flowers and Floral Arrangements, UV Walls, Vertical Gardens, Privacy Screens, Planter Boxes and Circular Plant Frames aid a more sustainable approach to contemporary lifestyle projects. For those areas where nature provides a challenge, or maintenance and upkeep is difficult, our services may be the perfect solution.

Our installation services are suitable for a variety of application areas, including:

  • Décor Design
  • Landscape/Garden Solutions
  • Display Areas
  • Bathroom Design
  • Entertainment Living
  • Privacy Screens
  • And many more.. just ask our team!

Extremely lifelike. Imagination is your only limitation. Bring nature indoors, or make unimaginative outdoor environments interesting with Plant Image.

Designed to Last. Inspired by Nature.



D.I.Y. | Privacy Screen, Garden & Pool Maintenance

D.I.Y. | Décor Design




Endota Health Spa, Lorne, VIC

Various other


Product Category:

 Indoor plants & flowers

Hanging baskets

Plants w/no pots

Service Category:


Domestic / residential


Client Requirements:


Décor design

Interior decorating