6 Reasons why we LOVE Artificial Plants

  1. Artificial plants require next to no maintenance! It makes us panic thinking about the ongoing tending live plants require – watering, fertilising, pruning, as well as the time and knowledge needed to ensure they last. This can be really difficult in our super busy lives, and for those who aren’t home all the time. Artificial plants allow you to go on that week vacation you have been dying to go on, minus the stress of coming home to a house full of dead, unwatered plants. Our artificial plants require just a quick wipe down every few weeks and doing this will ensure they will be forever beautiful. For more information about the care and maintenance of your artificial plants, visit the Care and Maintenance page under FAQs on our website.


  1. They won’t attract any unwanted pests. Therefore, you can steer clear from using pesticides and insecticides in your home. Think slugs, spider mites, mealybugs, aphids, and fungus gnats; not exactly the kind of visitors you would want in your home. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll see how much of an issue these pests are in people’s homes.


  1. The possibilities are endless, and artificial flowers will always be in season. Live plants are known to shed their flowers and leaves throughout the seasons and may take many years for them to reach their desired size and appearance, however artificial plants arrive fully mature without any wait time. There is also such an extensive array of options of artificial plants available at your fingertips to create your ideal aesthetic with absolutely zero limitations.


  1. They can go absolutely anywhere in your home. There is no need to take natural factors into consideration, as your artificial plants will survive absolutely anywhere. Live plants need sunlight, which severely limits where you can place them in your home. Artificial plants on the other hand will thrive anywhere, even in the darkest parts of your home which don’t get any sunlight.


  1. Artificial plants are super safe for everyone! Another reason to choose fake plants is to protect children and pets in your home. Quite a few indoor plants are actually poisonous for small children and your fur friends. On top of this, live plants can be the source of many allergies, with over 10 million having allergies to pollen in the UK alone.



  1. Artificial plants are a lifelong investment and therefore are extremely cost effective. We can all understand the heart break of freshly bought flowers wilting and dying just days later, which come with frustrating costs of replacement each week. While artificial plants may come at a higher initial cost, you will be saving yourself so much money in the long-term. Additionally, when live plants grow, you may need to invest in increasingly bigger pots.