The Psychology of Colour: Green

There has been an extraordinary amount of research conducted towards different colours and their powerful psychological impacts on human behaviours, moods and decisions. This incredible phenomenon is termed ‘Colour Psychology’ and is one of the simplest, yet most powerful tools used by marketers, interior designers and psychologists today.   

Green happens to be one of the most powerful, emotion-provoking colours of all. It symbolises nature, growth, life and renewal and is seen in all forms of nature such as plants, trees, vegetation, grass and many animals. Research has shown that the colour green can evoke feelings of abundance, peace, refreshment and security. It has even shown to reduce stress, depression, anxiety and improve focus, impulse control and creativity! One study that was conducted placed individuals in an indoor room with green walls and asked them to exercise. This group experienced less mood disturbances and perceived less exertion than when they were in a grey room! Reasons for the colour green having such powerful emotion provoking abilities is thought to be because of evolution; the colour was hardwired into our brains dating way back to when early humans knew that green found in nature would indicate a place to find food, shelter and water.

Only recently has research into the psychology of colours really taken off. Designers are really starting to take hold of this new research and use it to its full advantage when creating a space. Think about an office space; with employees expected to work hard all day. Do you think incorporating the colour green into the office something that could improve employee’s motivation, creativity and focus? Definitely! Many offices around the wall are already incorporating greens into their spaces using paints, plants and other green things, and have seen great results from doing so. Now to get into specifics, there are actually certain types of greens that are most effective in positively effecting people’s mindsets and behaviours; and those are medium-light shades.

So next time you’re redecorating your home, office, or venue, remember to keep the psychology of colours in mind! If you’re looking for some great green coloured ideas, we’ve got lots in store for you to deck out your home or venue!