How Artificial Plants Can Benefit Your Business

Does your venue make your customers feel relaxed and at ease? Is your venue 'Instagrammable'? Does your venue represent the values of your business? If you answered no to any of these questions, we have a solution for you.

For many cases that we've seen, the interior design and decor of a business's venue tends to be overlooked. For many business owners, as long as the venue is clean, has all the necessary furniture, lighting and equipment, they are satisfied. However, the success of a business is hugely dependent on the overall look and feel of a venue. First impressions of a venue for customers are super important, and can have a huge impact on their perception of your business; if they will return, if they can relax, enjoy themselves, and stay for as long as possible. With the ever-prevalent rise of social media and digitalisation, comes the increased need for gorgeous, fitted-out venues that simply demand attention. Everyone now wants to post photos to their socials about where they are, and what they are doing, and if your venue looks fantastic, it will without a doubt make it to feeds of hundreds, if not thousands of your customer's social media followers and friends, and entice their entire followers list. Artificial planting can create that much needed 'WOW' factor for a venue's interior and be the business's 'silent-salesman' in this ever-prevalent current social media era.

Hanging Baskets by Plant Image to provide a 'WOW' Factor for The Conti Hotel in Sorrento

Why use Artificial Plants?

There is no better designer than nature itself; it won't ever go out of style. 
Just a secret from us to you, artificial plants are one of the only design styles that simply won't ever go out of style. Trends are ever changing, but nature is here to stay. Nature inspired interior design seeks to bring the outdoors in by incorporating plants, trees, flowers, grass and stems into a venue or home in order to create a fresh, comfortable and authentic feel to the space. The addition of artificial plants into a space can create a haven-like experience which connects your customers to the outside world, feel peace, and experience complete relaxation. Another great benefit of artificial plants, is that there is really no such thing as too many. They are an interior piece which can be placed all throughout your venue, hung from the roof, placed in corners, placed onto walls, and they will always look great. 

Artificial plants require next to no maintenance.
Artificial plants require next to no maintenance; just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth or a light spray will do the trick. Compare this to the care needed for live plants; watering, fertilising, pruning, as well as the natural factors needed for their long term survival such as sunlight and water. The effort and time required to ensure the longevity of artificial plants don't come anywhere near what is required for live plants. This is beneficial especially for busy venue spaces where there may be a lack of time each week to dedicate towards caring for live plants. Additionally, if you are hoping to place plants in hard to reach areas of your venue space such as hanging planters or tall trees, artificial plants ensure extra ease when caring for them. 

Plants have shown to increase feelings of relaxation, happiness and reduce stress.
Plants; both artificial and live have shown to increase feelings of relaxation, reduce stress and improve happiness. This is beneficial to your business and it will motivate your customers to want to return, to stay longer and to post about their amazing experience at your venue.

Artificial plants can save costs in the long-run.
The costs of replacing dead, dry plants can really add up over time. By investing in high quality, low maintenance artificial plants you won't need to worry about replacement costs every few years. With the right care and maintenance you should only need to purchase your artificial plants once, to last you a lifetime. 

Artificial Plants can represent the values of your business.
Are you wanting to give off a fresh, inviting, natural, easy-going feel to your customers when they visit? Artificial plants are the perfect solution to do so.